TVB host Leung Sze-ho, four-time Mark Six lottery 2nd prize winner, appears in GUCCI top at Secretary for Security’s birthday

    TVB Host Leung Sze Ho (right) and Chris Tang (left).

    6th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) Leung Sze-ho, the popular host of “Live Spiritual Encounter,” has been the talk of the town recently. Apart from the sensational nature of his show, he has now found himself embroiled in the scandal surrounding actress Joyce Chan’s secret childbirth with actor James Chen. Adding fuel to the fire, Leung recently posted a birthday tribute to the Secretary for Security, Chris Tang, where his extravagant outfit became the centre of attention. It seems that Leung, who hails from humble beginnings, has undergone a dramatic transformation, residing in a multi-million-dollar mansion and frequently frequenting the Peninsula Hotel and racecourses, morphing into a millionaire overnight.

    In the photo shared, Leung Sze-ho proudly flaunted his attire, donning a Gucci hoodie worth thousands of dollars, carrying a GOYARD silver long wallet worth tens of thousands, and even showcasing the keys to luxury cars with a Louis Vuitton keychain. He often showcases his collection of Hermès handbags, exuding opulence and grandeur. Leung’s journey to success has not been without hardships. Abandoned by his parents, he was entrusted to a non-blood-related grandmother who cared for him. Before entering the entertainment industry, he worked in various service and clerical positions, including McDonald’s and KFC. Lady Luck smiled upon him when he won the second prize in the Mark Six Lottery four times. In 2004, he gained notoriety through TVB but used the opportunity to invest in a Wan Chai dessert shop called “Cong dessert.” He later sold the operating rights of the dessert shop in mainland China and Macao, earning over HK$100m. In 2018, he purchased a two-story house with a rooftop terrace in Tso Wo Hang, Sai Kung, worth nearly ten million dollars, creating a comfortable haven for himself.