TVB actress Samantha Ko hospitalised after discovery of neck lump

    Samantha Ko

    20th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) TVB actress Samantha Ko, has recently sparked concern among fans after revealing a health issue. Earlier, she had disclosed the discovery of a lump on her neck, raising alarms about her well-being. Last night (April 19), she unexpectedly announced her admission to the hospital by sharing a selfie lying in a hospital bed. In her caption, she expressed gratitude towards the gentle medical staff, stating, “Needle is done. The doctors are so kind, and so is the girl. I am gradually understanding that ‘health’ is not just a slogan. Everyone should take good care of themselves!” She followed up with another post, emphasising the importance of “health” as the foundation of one’s efforts and urging others not to follow her example but to prioritise their own well-being. She concluded with a heartfelt message, urging everyone not to let their loved ones worry and stating that a healthy body enables one to embark on a fulfilling journey and achieve higher dreams. However, she did not disclose the reason for her hospitalisation, leaving fans worried about her condition.