TVB actress Jacqueline Ch’ng returns to Hong Kong from Malaysia amidst JPEX controversy and undergoes investigation at Commercial Crime Bureau tonight (Updated)

Jacqueline Ch'ng

21st September 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong has recently identified the virtual asset trading platform “JPEX” as operating without a licence, leading to a series of enforcement actions. In the latest development, TVB actress Jacqueline Ch’ng, who is implicated in the case, has returned to Hong Kong from Malaysia. Meanwhile, popular singer and actor Julian Cheung has been reported to be assisting law enforcement agencies with their investigation today.

Following the SFC’s revelation about JPEX’s unlicensed operations, law enforcement authorities have been actively pursuing legal action. As part of their efforts, three additional individuals, aged between 25 and 32, were arrested on charges of “conspiracy to defraud.” This brings the total number of arrests in the case to 11. Among the individuals arrested earlier was social media influencer Joseph Lam Chok, who had previously claimed on social media to have applied to become a partner at JPEX.

In the midst of the ongoing controversy surrounding JPEX, TVB actress Jacqueline Ch’ng has made her return to Hong Kong from Malaysia. Sources have revealed that she was undergoing investigation at the Commercial Crime Bureau tonight (21st). When approached by local media, Ch’ng responded, “I cannot comment at the moment.”

She left Wan Chai police station at 3.40am today (22nd), with a large group of reporters present for interviews. When asked if she provided any clues to law enforcement officers, she replied that it was inconvenient to disclose and that her lawyer was handling the matter.

Furthermore, when asked about her previous statement that she would not be involved in any cases or illegal activities, she responded, “Nothing has changed, nothing has changed.” When questioned about her acquaintance with the arrested individuals, she replied, “I don’t know them.” Regarding the press conference scheduled to be held by Joseph Lam Chok today, she was asked if she would also hold a press conference. Chuang stated, “No, I won’t.” She further mentioned that there was no need for her to return to the enforcement department or submit her travel documents, and then she left the scene.

Jacqueline Ch’ng, one of the alleged main suspects in the JPEX case, has been residing in Malaysia since the incident. She mentioned that she was in Malaysia to celebrate her mother’s birthday and believed that the rumours had gotten out of control, emphasizing her innocence. Ch’ng has chosen not to respond further to the incident and will let her lawyer handle the matter while reserving her right to seek justice.

During a press conference on 20th September, there were media inquiries regarding suspicions that an implicated artist had left Hong Kong and travelled to Malaysia. As Hong Kong and Malaysia have an extradition agreement, it was questioned whether the police would extradite the individuals involved in the case back to Hong Kong. Vivian Lee of Fraud Division, Commercial Crime Bureau stated that the investigation is still ongoing and appropriate actions will be taken based on the level of involvement and roles of the individuals concerned. If any individuals have committed offences in Hong Kong, they will be extradited back from overseas.

Another prominent figure involved in the case is Julian Cheung, a well-known Hong Kong singer and actor. It has been reported that Cheung is cooperating with law enforcement agencies and has participated in a recorded video session during the investigation. Today, he was allowed to leave the enforcement department. When contacted by the media, Cheung answered the phone without hesitation and displayed a composed demeanour. He revealed that his wife, Anita Yuen, was present during the interview and stated, “I was invited. I had been in contact with the police for the past two days. Currently, I am consulting with my legal team to determine whether a formal statement is necessary. Thank you all for your concern. Everything is fine!”

The JPEX controversy has garnered significant attention, with a total of 2,197 victims filing reports as of 5 pm today. The reported losses amount to approximately HK$1.37 billion. The enforcement efforts by authorities continue to uncover new details and individuals connected to the case.