TVB actress Jacqueline Ch’ng in Malaysia responds to extradition rumours as police confirm implicated celebrity

    Jacqueline Ch'ng

    19th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) issued a statement last Wednesday (13th) accusing the virtual asset trading platform “JPEX” of operating without a licence. The SFC also questioned the suspicious practices of JPEX and individuals actively promoting it to the Hong Kong public, as well as the use of facilitators for illicit exchange activities. As a result, four men and four women between the ages of 22 and 52, including Joseph Lam Chok, and YouTuber Chan Yee, were arrested, sparking significant public attention.

    During a press conference held by the police this afternoon, reporters inquired about the whereabouts of celebrities or social media influencers who may be related to the case, as some were believed to have left Hong Kong for Malaysia. The police stated that appropriate actions will be taken based on the level of involvement and role played by these individuals in the case. If the suspects are overseas, the police will seek their extradition back to Hong Kong. Police revealed that some social media influencers suspected of involvement in the case had presented themselves as investors, showcasing luxurious lifestyles and flaunting expensive cars to create an impression of substantial investment returns.

    In response to media inquiries, Jacqueline Ch’ng, stated today (19th) that she is innocent and claimed that her trip to Malaysia was to celebrate her mother’s birthday. She further mentioned that her lawyers are handling the matter and she will not provide any additional response. Regarding the implication that she may be extradited back to Hong Kong, Ch’ng asserted her innocence, emphasising that her phone is always accessible, and the relevant authorities can easily reach her if needed.

    A viral video circulating online allegedly features Jacqueline Ch’ng promoting JPEX and providing a detailed one-minute tutorial on how to open an account.