TVB actress Jacqueline Ch’ng admits being a victim in JPEX controversy, urges caution in investments

    Jacqueline Ch'ng

    23rd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the midst of the escalating controversy surrounding the virtual asset trading platform JPEX, the entertainment industry finds itself deeply entangled. Notable figures such as actor Julian Cheung, artist Jacqueline Ch’ng, and feng shui master Clement Chan Ting-bong have all made their way to the police to assist in the investigation. Among them, Jacqueline Ch’ng, who promoted the platform in a previous video, revealed today (23rd) in an interview that she considers herself a victim and seeks guidance from experts to resolve the situation. Known for her cautious nature, she declared her decision to refrain from further investments and urged insurance professionals to refrain from contacting her.

    Jacqueline Ch’ng, recently caught up in the JPEX controversy, acknowledged her status as one of the unfortunate individuals affected by the platform, suffering a loss of up to HK$500,000. Upon her return from Malaysia on the evening of the 21st, she immediately headed to the enforcement department in Wan Chai to assist with the investigation until the early hours of the morning. Today, she attended a charity event in Kwun Tong as a guest, arriving at around 2pm, sporting a pink jacket and shorts. She revealed that her recent trip to Malaysia was to celebrate her mother’s birthday and was asked if the turmoil had affected her mood. She candidly admitted, “It has had a slight impact on my mood, but it’s not a significant problem. (Are your family members worried?) Everyone knows there shouldn’t be any issues, so there’s not much to worry about.” She also denied returning to Hong Kong early due to the case, stating, “It was planned because I had previously instructed my lawyer to handle things as soon as possible, and I had scheduled this time. (Will you need to assist in the investigation again?) No, there’s no response regarding that matter. (Are you worried about being affected?) I’m not worried.”

    Regarding this incident, Jacqueline Ch’ng stated that it is the first time in her life that she has encountered such an event and considers herself unlucky. She said, “There might have been some shady dealings recently, but the year is almost over, so it’s not a big deal. Nowadays, I won’t engage in any business or investments. I will focus on working hard!” As a victim, she has already made the necessary arrangements. When asked if she holds any other cryptocurrencies, she replied, “I hold a six-figure amount. (Are you worried about how this controversy will affect cryptocurrency prices?) All investments carry risks, and foreign exchange rates fluctuate. We’ll have to take it slow and see how the overall situation develops. There’s no need to worry; everyone has their own destiny. (Should one be cautious about online investments?) It’s better to focus on regular savings and not buy funds. Insurance professionals don’t need to contact me; I will work hard.” She emphasised that she will exercise extra caution in future job opportunities and advertisements. Fortunately, her other work has not been affected by the incident, and she will soon head to mainland China for filming and hosting live platforms.