TVB actress Helena Ma reveals lavish lifestyle amidst half-century career

    Helena Ma

    23rd February 2024 – (Hong Kong) At the age of 73, Helena Ma, a seasoned actress renowned for her supporting roles on television, has disclosed a facet of her life that contrasts sharply with the modest on-screen characters she often portrays. Ma, who is celebrated for her role as a cleaning supervisor in the popular TVB sitcom “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold”, recently took to Instagram to share glimpses of her opulent Mid-Levels residence, revealing an off-screen reality where she is, in fact, a low-profile magnate with a net worth exceeding HK$50 million.

    The shared images during the Lunar New Year festivities showcased not only Ma’s culinary skills as she prepared spring rolls but also the interior of her expansive dwelling. Despite featuring a grand peach blossom tree in the living room—a symbol of prosperity and renewal in Chinese culture—there remained ample space for her beloved pets to roam freely.

    Simplicity and sophistication converge in the decor of Ma’s abode, with the living room exuding a broad and welcoming aura. The kitchen, with its elongated design, mirrors this spaciousness, offering a generous area for culinary endeavours. The luxury extends to an outdoor terrace, where a kumquat plant, nearly as tall as a person, stands proudly.

    Ma’s journey to affluence began in her twenties when she made her initial foray into the property market. Her strategic approach to investment through property swapping has resulted in a portfolio of multiple properties over the years. In recent appearances, Ma’s sartorial choices often include Hermès handbags, a luxury she attributes to gifts from her children. “At over seventy years of age, one can afford to indulge modestly,” Ma remarked, emphasising her frugality despite the occasional display of opulence, such as being spotted with a Hermès Constance Bag valued at around HK$160,000 paired with Roger Vivier sneakers during a tour of Lee Kum Kee’s soy sauce factory, hosted by the wealthy socialite Lee Choi Mei-ling.