TVB actor Ruco Chan Chin-pang captured filming “Sinister Beings 2” in Wan Chai, commended by netizens for looking youthful at 46

    Ruco Chan Chin-pang

    19th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) The highly anticipated TVB drama series, Sinister Beings, is currently in full production mode, and the leading actors, Ruco Chan Chin-pang, Rosina Lam, Ben Wong Chi-yin, and Joman Chiang, were recently captured by passersby while filming on the streets of Wan Chai. In the photos, Chan and Lam can be seen sitting on the side, presumably reviewing playback footage, engaging in a serious discussion.

    One excited onlooker couldn’t contain their enthusiasm upon spotting Chan and exclaimed, “It’s Chin Pang, it’s Chin Pang!” The footage quickly circulated online, with netizens marveling at how the 46-year-old actor seems to have defied age, effortlessly balancing work and family responsibilities while maintaining his youthful appearance. They also praised his stylish beard, which added a strong masculine touch to his overall look.

    In addition, the scene also featured Nic Sir (played by Ben Wong Chi-yin) and Lawyer Chung (played by Joman Chiang). Despite the scorching weather, both actors were dressed in professional attire, indicating that they were filming a confrontational scene. The first season of Sinister Beings was a huge success, both in terms of viewership and critical acclaim, which has heightened expectations for the second season among the audience.