TVB actor Raymond Cho admitted to hospital for a week


    15th May 2021 – (Hong Kong) The 56-year-old TVB actor Raymond Cho has been very working hard in recent years. He has been actively involved in filming and singing. It turned out that he was secretly admitted to the hospital earlier, and stayed in the hospital for a full week. Cho who once claimed to have hereditary diabetes in a TV show developed a heart problem and blood vessel congestion when he was filming two years ago.

    At that time, he was secretly admitted to the hospital for a surgery after the filming was completed. Recently, due to a kidney stone problem, he was admitted to the hospital to wait for the stone to be discharged naturally.

    Cho married Elaine Chiang, the eldest daughter of Hong Kong actor David Chiang, on 28th November 2007. Their son Brandon Cho was born in 2008. Their second child, daughter Erin Cho, was born in 2011.