TVB actor Mat Yeung who was recently released from prison converted to Christianity under the influence of senior TVB executive


    28th January 2023 – (Hong Kong)  TVB actor Mat Yeung had a traffic accident on Magazine Gap Road in Mid-Levels in August 2020 after allegedly getting drunk. He was charged with “careless driving” and other crimes. On 22nd December last year, his appeal was rejected by the High Court and the original sentence was upheld. He was required to serve 18 days in prison immediately. Yeung was released from Stanley Prison on 7th January recently. He released a video via TVB to apologise for his mistake on the same day.

    Yeung and his girlfriend Lisa Ch’ng were originally Buddhists. Today (28th) it was reported in local media that he had already converted to Christianity. Apart from studying the Bible, Yeung also goes to church regularly.

    Two years ago, Yeung was spotted kneeling sincerely at the Kwun Yum Temple, Hung Hom holding three large incense sticks and he also burned a lot of joss papers. However, It is known that Yeung converted to Christianity this time under the influence of senior TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yee Ling who is a Christian. Yeung often accompanied her to church in the past one year. During Yeung’s accident, it was revealed that Lok also encouraged and consoled him. She also gave Yeung a chance to turn over a new leaf.

    Yeung said earlier that he studied the Bible in prison, which helped him tide over the most difficult days. When Yeung replied to the media, he said that he has been going to the church for more than a year. His girlfriend Ch’ng has also converted to Christianity but the two have yet to be baptised.