TVB actor Kevin Cheng sparks speculation by avoiding TVB drama gathering and Kenneth Ma’s wedding, takes family trip to Australia


    10th February 2024 – (Gold Coast) TVB actor Kevin Cheng, known for his roles in popular dramas, has recently sparked speculation and ignited a wave of rumours after his absence from a TVB Drama gathering and Kenneth Ma’s wedding. Cheng’s absence from these events, coupled with his wife, Grace Chan’s, non-attendance, has led netizens to speculate about potential discord between Cheng and his close friend, Kenneth Ma. However, the couple has already debunked these rumours. On the first day of the Lunar New Year (10th February), while Kenneth Ma and his wife Roxanne Tong made their first public appearance after their wedding, Kevin Cheng had already left Hong Kong for an Australian getaway with his family, sharing delightful moments on social media, including feeding kangaroos. This has further fueled speculation among netizens, questioning whether Cheng intentionally avoided a meeting with his “rival,” Kenneth Ma.

    During their trip to Australia, Kevin Cheng and his family only brought along their two elder children, leaving their youngest, who is under a year old, at home. Grace Chan expressed her delight, saying, “We never thought that our first family trip would be to the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and we can even celebrate the Lunar New Year here! We arrived at the hotel in the early hours of the morning, but luckily, our kids were cooperative during the flight, not fussing at all for the entire eight hours. They even fell asleep in the car on the way to the hotel!”