TVB actor Andrew Lam faces criticism for calling 90-year-old Bowie Wu “Ah Sau” in public

    Andrew Lam (left) and Bowie Wu (right).

    7th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) TVB actor Andrew Lam Man-chung, known for his quick wit and humor, recently found himself at the center of controversy. During a recent gathering with friends, Lam dined with Law Kar-ying, Felix Wong, and Michael Miu. After the meal, Lam jokingly took out HKD 100 and offered to treat everyone. In response, his friends, accustomed to Lam’s eccentricity, playfully thanked him, with a gesture of gratitude and calling him “Brother Lam.”

    Recently, Lam attended an event with veteran actress Liza Wang. During their interaction at TVB City, Lam complimented Wang, saying, “You’re incredible, there’s no one like you!” He then playfully zoomed the camera on her chest and asked, “What’s that wrinkle on your heart?” Wang, unable to hold back her laughter, replied, “It’s wrinkles!”

    In another scene, while filming at TV City, Lam suddenly shouted, “Sau! Come over here!” “Sau” is the nickname of Bowie Wu (Woo Kai-sau), a fellow actor. Woo responded by removing his mask and obediently answering, “Yes, I’m here. What’s up?” Lam continued the banter by asking, “How old are you?” In a rare humorous response, Woo said, “I’m 90!” This brought laughter from everyone, and Lam jokingly remarked, “So casual, yet you’re 90 years old!” The lighthearted exchange between Lam and Woo suggests a close and familiar friendship.

    However, some netizens felt that Lam’s choice of addressing others was inappropriate. They criticized him, saying, “Even Brother Sau didn’t get called by his nickname, but you call him ‘Ah Sau.’ No sense of propriety.” Others commented, “Lam’s humour can be awkward!” and “Even when Felix Wong sees him, he calls him Brother Sau, but you call him ‘Ah Sau’!” Some netizens found the situation amusing, with comments like “Brother Sau is hilarious, and his good-natured response is great!” and “Lam’s humour always brings laughter!”

    While some netizens found no issue with Lam’s playful banter, deeming it harmless and light-hearted, others highlighted the discrepancy between Lam’s choice of address for Woo and Wang. Despite the criticism, it is evident that Lam’s intention was to entertain and bring joy through his humour.