Tung Chung’s Yellow Trumpet Trees blossom in a spectacular display


    28th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Tung Chung, known for its cherry blossoms, is now adorned with the vibrant blooms of Yellow Trumpet Trees. Over 260 of these trees have transformed the area near the airport into a golden avenue. Additionally, various locations across Hong Kong are witnessing the sequential blossoming of these beautiful trees. In this article, we have selected six top spots in Hong Kong to admire the yellow tabebuia blossoms. If you’re eager to witness this floral spectacle and capture some memorable photos, read on to learn about transportation, locations, and the blooming season!

    As the cherry blossom season in Tung Chung nears its end, the blooming period of the Yellow Trumpet Trees begins. More than 260 of these trees are currently in full bloom on both sides of Kwo Lo Wan Road in Hong Kong International Airport Historical Garden. The entire area is now bathed in a golden hue, as the tabebuia tree flowers form a captivating display of yellow. With occasional planes flying overhead, the scene becomes even more unique and picturesque.

    In recent years, the Airport Authority Hong Kong has been implementing the “Airport Island Landscape Enhancement Project,” which involves planting trees and seasonal flowers near the airport. The yellow tabebuia trees in Tung Chung’s Historical Garden are part of this beautification initiative.

    The blooming season typically occurs from February to March each year, and it is relatively short-lived. As of today (28th), the Yellow Trumpet Trees in Tung Chung are in full bloom. Therefore, those interested in witnessing the blossoms should seize the opportunity and visit soon.

    Transportation: Take bus E22 or E23 from Tung Chung Fire Station, or bus S64 from Ngong Ping Cable Car Tung Chung Station to Cathay Pacific City. From there, it’s a 4-minute walk. Alternatively, one can walk from MTR Tung Chung Station, passing through the cable car station and Chek Lap Kok South Road, which takes approximately 30 minutes.