Tuk-tuk (Three-wheeled taxi in Bangkok) spotted in Sheung Shui

Picture credit : Mike Lam

14th May 2019 – (Hong Kong) A Tuk-tuk believed to be imported from Thailand was found by a netizen on Choi Yuen Road in Sheung Shui at 12.30am today. The famous Thai taxi is believed to be the only road-worthy vehicle in Hong Kong.

Tuk-tuks or ‘sam lor’ is a popular three-wheeled taxi in Bangkok. Originating from an old-fashioned rickshaw during the second World War, a tuk-tuk is essentially a rickshaw with a small engine fitted in. Tuk-tuks have become one of Bangkok’s most recognisable transportation features, and are still popular among tourists and visitors. Riding a tuk-tuk is more of an experience rather than a practical way to get around.

Tuk-tuk in Bangkok.