Tuen Mun water pipe bursts, cars brave towering “waterfall” of sand and mud


3rd March 2024 – (Hong Kong) A burst water pipe disrupted the traffic of Shek Pai Tau Road and Tsun Wen Road early morning today. The incident occurred at approximately 1am, originating from ongoing roadworks conducted by the Water Supplies Department.

The burst water pipe unleashed a torrent of water mixed with sand and mud, shooting up to an astonishing height of four to five stories. The scene resembled a majestic waterfall, captivating onlookers and drawing the attention of passing motorists. Unfortunately, some private cars fell victim to the deluge, with windscreens shattered and vehicles coated in sand and debris. Astonishingly, one daring driver even braved the watery cascade, driving through the makeshift “waterfall” and making a hasty exit from the scene.