Tuen Mun residents suspect coordinated red paint splashing incident, online users discuss possible motives


2nd December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Residents of a housing estate in Tuen Mun suspect that multiple units were collectively targeted in a red paint splashing incident, with netizens describing the scene as spectacular. Online discussions have emerged with various theories, resulting in conflicting speculations.

Facebook page “Tuen Mun Friends” recently uploaded a photo of a corridor in the estate under the caption “Several units allegedly splashed with…”. The photo shows five consecutive units with suspected red paint splashed outside their doors, with both the iron gates and the floor stained with oil. One of the households has covered the red oil with paper to avoid dirtying their shoes when entering or exiting. From a distance, the corridor appears as if each unit has laid out a red carpet at their doorstep.

Netizens have described the incident as “spectacular” and expressed their curiosity, asking, “Are there group purchases for borrowing money?” Some individuals with sharp eyesight have identified the location as possibly being Tai Hing Estate.

As discussions about the motive behind the oil splashing incident unfolded online, netizens seemed to be divided into two camps. Some netizens believe that it could be a case of mistaken identity or accidental targeting. They sarcastically commented, “People make mistakes, but how many times can they make the same mistake?” and “Did they get the wrong unit? They keep splashing the wrong one.” Some even humorously stated, “That guy (referring to a fictional character) must know the number of floors but not the number of units, so they splash a little on each one,” implying that every unit received a bit of the oil splashing. Other netizens speculate that the incident may be related to conflicts or debts. They suggest that the person responsible for the paint splashing is targeting not only the individuals directly involved but also their close associates. Comments include, “The person responsible even targets units that are not involved to exert pressure on the debtors,” and “They probably didn’t splash oil on the unit of the person they are after.” Some netizens praise this tactic as being effective in creating tension and pressure.