Tuen Mun Hospital’s Emergency Room services resume after cleaning and disinfection of flooded areas


25th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Amber Rainstorm Warning signal was activated at 12.20pm, affecting various areas of Hong Kong with heavy rain. Tuen Mun Hospital reported that due to the adverse weather conditions, parts of their emergency room were flooded, and patients had to be temporarily transferred to Pok Oi Hospital, Yan Chai Hospital and Tin Shui Wai Hospital. The emergency services were expected to resume normal operations by 4pm. Patients with more severe conditions were transferred to the wards while the cleaners were seen clearing up the water this afternoon.

A hospital spokesperson said that the emergency services were affected by the flooding and that ambulances had been dispatched to transfer patients. Emergency cleaning work was carried out, and patients were advised to be patient while waiting for medical attention. At around 4pm, the spokesperson confirmed that the flooded areas in the emergency room had been cleaned and disinfected, and ambulances had resumed transferring patients to the hospital’s emergency room.