Tuen Mun Hospital responds to case of Legionnaires’ disease involving 70-year-old patient


  In response to media enquiries regarding a Legionella infection case, the spokesperson for Tuen Mun Hospital (TMH) gave the following reply today (June 30):

     Since there was one more patient who had stayed in a surgical ward at TMH confirmed to have Legionnaires’ Disease (LD), the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) visited the ward again and collected water samples from the hospital today. The source of infection for the patient is still undergoing investigation. The 70-year-old male patient had been discharged earlier and re-admitted to TMH today. He is now in stable condition. Medical surveillance will be performed on the patients who have been staying in the ward concerned for the same period of time.

 The male patient, aged 70 with underlying illness, was admitted to TMH on 9th June due to medical conditions and stayed in the same ward as the Legionella case announced on 26th June. 

The patient developed shortness of breath on 11th June. He received treatment and remained in stable condition, and was discharged on June 29. His sputum specimen tested positive for Legionella species upon laboratory testing.

The hospital has already implemented a series of precautionary and infection control improvement measures, including:

(1) Installing bacterial filters on basin faucets and shower heads;
(2) Suspending the use of related basin faucets; and
(3) Following communications with the CHP, the hospital has implemented clinical surveillance for all patients in the ward.  

The case has been reported to the Hospital Authority Head Office according to established guidelines. In addition to the above precautionary and improvement measures, the hospital has reminded healthcare staff to be vigilant and continue to closely monitor the situation on the ward. The hospital will co-operate with the CHP in the investigation of the source of infection.