Tsz Ching Estate resident transforms bathroom with free Housing Department assistance


23rd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A Tsz Ching Estate resident has undergone a remarkable transformation of their bathroom. Posting on Facebook, the resident shared before and after photos and videos, while also answering questions from netizens based on their personal experience. In response, Housing Department stated that applicants must meet certain conditions and can even receive free additional fittings.

After the resident posted photos of the ongoing renovation on Facebook, it quickly caught the attention of netizens. Some people expressed their curiosity, suggesting that the resident should post the results after everything was completed. In response to their wishes, the resident recently uploaded photos and videos showcasing the completed bathroom transformation.

Another netizen questioned the resident based on the photos of the sink and toilet, asking, “Apart from the toilet, did you have to pay for modifications to the bathtub and sink?” The resident replied, “Only the bathtub is free, and I had to pay HK$4,617 for the other modifications.”

The remarkable transformation of the bathroom, as seen in the photos and videos, has attracted envy from netizens. Some remarked, “Wow, that’s amazing!” The resident explained, “As long as you apply to the Housing Department, they will convert your bathtub to a shower for free!” When asked if it was possible to convert a shower to a bathtub, the resident admitted, “I’m not quite sure about that!”

In response to a question about the application process and payment, where a netizen asked, “How long did it take from applying to the Housing Department until they came to your place? Did you have to pay first or after the work was done? Sorry for bothering you, and thank you for answering,” the resident replied, “It took several months from application to their visit. You have to go to the Housing Department to make the payment, and then they will proceed with the renovation.”

Regarding the bathtub-to-shower conversion project, the Housing Department stated that it has always been committed to providing a safe living environment for public housing residents, and it will provide appropriate assistance to the elderly and tenants with specific needs based on actual circumstances. The Housing Department is willing to offer free adjustment/refurbishment projects to elderly residents (aged 60 or above) living in public housing units and/or units occupied by individuals with special needs, including converting bathtubs to shower areas (where applicable) and adding handrails in bathrooms. Tenants in need can inquire at their respective estate offices for more information.