Tsuen Wan’s ‘AK the Pork Trader’ shop shuts down


    26th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) In 2022, Samuel Lai Sung-wai, known as ‘Tsuen Wan pork trader AK’ or ‘Wai Wai,’ gained popularity as a butcher with a striking resemblance to local singer Aaron Kwok, Taiwanese singer Show Low, and even Anson Kong from the popular boyband ‘MIRROR.’ Many housewives flocked to his stall in Tsuen Wan market to take photos with the masked pork seller, turning him into a sensation. He embraced his newfound fame and made his official debut as a ‘celebrity’ in mid-May 2022, starring in several commercials while still wearing a mask.

    However, in a commercial for Life Nutrition, Wai Wai surprised fans by removing his mask to reveal his full facial features. This revelation disappointed many, as he didn’t match their expectations of his appearance. Consequently, his popularity rapidly dwindled since the commercial’s release. Wai Wai decided to return to his previous profession as a butcher, abandoning his pursuit of a celebrity career. Even the administrator of his fanpage ceased posting updates since 15th August in 2022.

    Recently, it was revealed that ‘AK the Pork Trader’ shop, where Wai Wai worked, has permanently closed its doors leaving his career as a butcher in limbo.