Tsuen Wan pork trader shoots to fame and becomes spokesperson of Skechers


    21st May 2022 – (Hong Kong) 36-year-old Samuel Lai Sung-wai aka ‘Tsuen Wan pork trader AK’ (Ah Wai) has become popular recently. Many housewives have visited his stall in the market to take photos as the masked pork seller resembles local singer Aaron Kwok, Taiwanese singer Show Low and some even said that he looks like Anson Kong from popular boyband ‘ MIRROR’.

    Many fans have even set up the “Tsuen Wan Fresh Meat Wai Wai Support Group” group, and the number of members has already exceeded 10,000 fans. With the increasing popularity of Ah Wai, many local media outlets have started to interview him. He managed to accumulate 17,000 fans within one day on his Instagram debut.

    American footwear company, Skechers has also appointed him as a spokesperson for the brand. Ah Wai works six days a week as a butcher. He has worked at the stall for 6 years. He admitted: “Standing for a long time sometimes makes my feet tired, and the market floor is sometimes slippery. Therefore, when choosing work shoes, comfort and slip resistance are the primary conditions.”

    He recently launched his fan pages on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube with the help of a professional team. He is reportedly backed by the Uni-China Group Holdings Ltd, the largest pork wholesaler in Hong Kong. There are more than 1,000 retail branches under its group .

    However, there was a picture circulated on social media showing the actual face of Ah Wai. Many were disappointed with his looks when the mask was removed. Ah Wai has not denied or confirmed that the man in the picture is him.

    Picture showing man resembling Ah Wai was circulated on social media.