Tse Ling-ling, Lawrence Yu, David Chiu and wife infected with COVID-19 after attending private dinner

From left to right, Tse Ling-ling, Nancy Chiu, David Chiu and Lawrence Yu

28th November 2020 – (Hong Kong) The fourth wave of COVID-19 epidemic broke out and infected several affluent members of the public.

Rossana Wang Gaw (75 years old), Chairman/Executive Director at Pioneer Global Group Ltd was the first to be infected in the dance group cluster. Thereafter, 64-year-old Tse Ling-ling (Case No.5659), Taiwanese-born child star and the ex-wife of Hong Kong billionaire Peter Lam, chairman of  Lai Sun Development Company was also infected.

David Chiu (Case No.5755), The owner of the Cable TV, the chairman and chief executive officer of Far East Development finally admitted to the diagnosis yesterday evening, three days later than the announcement by the Department of Health. David Chiu also revealed the source of his infection. It turned out that he and his wife, Nancy Chiu (Case No.5684) attended a private dinner last Thursday (19th). Tse Ling Ling and Lawrence Yu,  Honorary Vice President of the Hong Kong Football Association and the governor of the Hong Kong Automobile Association  were also present at the dinner. All 4 of them have been diagnosed positive for COVID-19.

Tse Ling-ling’s friend was linked to the dance group cluster and she decided to undergo testing before being tested positive during the second diagnosis on 21st November. She had no symptoms. Similarly, Nancy Chiu denied she was epideomically linked with the dance group cluster.

Both David Chiu and his wife expressed that they are currently in stable condition and thanked medical staff for taking care of them.