Trust-fund baby Derek Cheung shows off his new Ferrari SF90 Spider that costs close to HK$9m on Instagram

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    9th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) Trust-fund baby Derek Cheung ‘defeated’ Joshua Lam after 4 rounds of fight in a million-dollar boxing match titled “We Are Champs 2021” in September this year.

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    The attention-seeker recently bought a “new toy” and uploaded his recently acquired Ferrari SF90 SPIDER sports car on his Instagram account. He also said: “I am one of the first few privileged ones in Hong Kong to own a SF90.” Someone actually replied on his Instagram feed that Aaron Kwok, a Hong Kong star who loves sports cars was also one of the first to buy the car. Cheung then refuted, “I got it first.”

    Cheung’s new Ferrari is yellow to match with his personalised “P1KACHU” licence plate. The car retails for HK$8.83 million in Hong Kong.

    The new SF90 Spider becomes the Italian marque’s first hybrid supercar with a retractable hardtop. Combining ravishing good looks with a 1,000-cv (986 horsepower) plug-in hybrid powertrain, it’s one of the most extreme convertibles in the world. Despite the convertible roof, the SF90 Spider can match the SF90 Stradale up to 62 mph and is only a few tenths slower to 124 mph. It may be a hybrid, but a spine-tingling V8 exhaust note comes as standard and, with the roof lowered, the SF90 Spider only serves to amplify that intoxicating noise.