Truck driver gets heated after being rear-ended by a private car in Central


4th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A video was posted on a Facebook group yesterday showing a truck parked in an alley on Rumsey Street in Central, with its tail section damaged, presumably from being rear-ended by a private car. The male driver of the truck, with messy hair and wearing only shorts and flip-flops, was visibly angry and shouting at the couple who had gotten out of the private car to inspect the damage. He yelled, “Can’t you see such a big truck? What’s wrong with you?” He then continued to swear while putting on a shirt and changing into his shoes, saying, “What kind of car are you driving?” The couple did not argue back and eventually got back into their car and moved it to the side of the road. The person who posted the video wrote, “It’s hot today, and people are getting impatient.” However, the time of the incident was not specified.

The incident has sparked heated discussions among netizens. While some believe that the truck driver should not have lost his temper, most people sympathise with him and understand why he was so upset. They commented, “It’s hard not to get angry when you have to queue up for such a big vehicle,” “Someone who loves his car so much would be understandably upset when it gets hit,” “Just by the way he closed the door gently, you can tell how much he cares for his car,” “It’s not surprising that he’s so furious when his heart and soul are in his car,” and “If someone hits my car, which is how I make a living, and causes me to stop working for a few days, I would be impatient too.”

Some netizens also claimed to have seen or know the driver personally, and noted that he is someone who loves his car very much and takes great care of it. Therefore, they understand his frustration and anger, and commented, “That driver is my customer, and his car is his ultimate treasure. It’s hard not to get impatient when something like this happens,” and “I know this guy who loves his car very much, and he would always clean it whenever he has the time. I totally get his feelings.”