Troubled Hoixe Catering Company sued again for rent arrears close to HK$200,000 by landlord in Kennedy Town branch


27th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hoixe Catering Company Limited which operates Hoixe Cake Shop was sued for liquidation by a creditor last Friday (20th). Meanwhile, the company was sued again in the High Court by the landlord of its branch in Kennedy Town to recover the outstanding rent arrears since November last year. The rent, rates and management fees exceeded HK$199,400. The owner also requested Hoixe Cake Shop to hand over the shop involved and pay the rent every month until the shop is vacated. The plaintiff is Nanyang Commercial Bank and the defendant is Hoixe Catering Company Limited. The plaintiff is the owner of shop on the ground floor of Nan Hai Mansion Plaza , in Kennedy Town.

According to the filing records, the defendant signed a three-year lease with a monthly rent of HK$60,800 starting from March 2021, and the defendant also had to pay rates and management fees and other miscellaneous fees. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant owed a total of HK$182,000 in rent from November 2022 to January this year, and also owed more than HK$17,000 in miscellaneous fees such as rates, management fees, and air-conditioning fees. The plaintiff believed that the defendant violated the lease agreement, and requested the court to order the defendant to pay off the arrears and pay interest, and to hand over the shop involved. The plaintiff also required the defendant to pay the rent and miscellaneous expenses every month before handing over the shop.