HK prepares for increased showers and thunderstorms as tropical depression develops 420km southeast of Manila


25th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory has reported significant meteorological disturbances affecting the Guangdong coast, as showers and thunderstorms prevail due to an upper-air disturbance. Additionally, the cloud cover inland is showing signs of dispersal, providing a brief respite in the otherwise tumultuous weather pattern currently impacting the region.

As of 10am today, a tropical depression was identified approximately 420 kilometres southeast of Manila, Philippines. The system is moving northwest to west-northwest at a pace of about 18 kilometres per hour, heading towards the seas east of Luzon. This movement suggests potential weather disruptions in the coming days as the depression advances.

For residents in Hong Kong, today’s weather remains predominantly cloudy with sporadic showers and isolated thunderstorms, particularly in the morning. Winds from the east to southeast are expected to be moderate, maintaining cooler temperatures amid the stormy conditions.

The immediate outlook for Hong Kong suggests a slight improvement in weather conditions tomorrow, with fewer showers and occasional bursts of sunshine. However, the respite may be short-lived, as the forecast indicates a return to more frequent showers accompanied by thunderstorms in the subsequent days. This expected change is attributed to a departing upper-air disturbance that will give way to brighter skies temporarily.

Looking ahead, the onset of next week will see a trough of low pressure approaching Guangdong, which is likely to reintroduce unsettled weather conditions on Monday and Tuesday. Midweek forecasts predict a strong easterly airstream reaching the Guangdong coast, potentially exacerbating weather instability.

Furthermore, the progression of the tropical cyclone near the Philippines is closely monitored, as its trajectory towards Luzon’s eastern seas could have broader implications for weather patterns in the region.