Traveller shares her simple hack to get an entire row of seats for yourself on the plane every time


    By Carina Stathis For Daily Mail Australia

    14th November 2022 – (New York) An avid traveller has shared a simple trick when booking flights to score a whole row of seats to yourself.

    Janelle, from the US who’s been to 21 different countries, shared a video on TikTok with her 129,000 followers. 

    The ‘hack’ involves booking the aisle and window seat when travelling in pairs to leave the middle seat available with the hope it’ll remain free.  

    ‘No one wants the middle seat, absolutely no one. So why are we booking it?’ Janelle said.

    ‘When you’re booking with your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, friend, whoever, you’re going to book the aisle seat and window seat because remember no one wants the middle seat,’ Janelle said in the clip.  

    ‘So there’s a chance that no one buys the middle seat or gets placed in the seat in between you – then you have a whole row to yourselves. 

    ‘If there’s an aisle open over a middle seat, 100 out of 100 times the person is going to pick the row with the aisle open verses the middle,’ she said.

    Many will likely avoid booking the middle seat, but if someone does Janelle said you always have the ‘option’ to ‘trade’ and sit next to your partner or friend.

    ‘And then you can still sit next to each other.’

    While the trick likely won’t work every time, it’s worth trying. 

    Janelle learnt the tip after travelling all over the world to France, Iceland, the UK, Spain, Greece, Germany, Italy, Bali, New Zealand, Amsterdam, Peru, Ireland and Australia. 

    The video was watched more than 950,000 times and many thanked Janelle for sharing the tip.