Transport Department warns public of fraudulent HKeToll SMS scam


10th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Transport Department (TD) issued a warning today, cautioning the public about a fraudulent SMS message circulating under the name of HKeToll. The deceptive message contains a hyperlink (https://t[.]ly/HKetoll) leading to a fake HKeToll website, aiming to deceive recipients into making payments and divulging their credit card details.

The TD has taken immediate action by clarifying that the SMS message did not originate from HKeToll. The department has reported the incident to the Police, who will conduct further investigations into the matter. To ensure public safety, it is crucial to raise awareness and educate individuals about such scams.

In light of this incident, the TD emphasises that the legitimate HKeToll does not send SMS messages or emails to vehicle owners containing hyperlinks redirecting them to external websites for transactions. Instead, vehicle owners are advised to visit the official HKeToll website ( or use the mobile app for any toll-related online payments.

The TD urges the public to exercise caution when receiving messages from unknown sources. It is essential to refrain from visiting suspicious websites and avoid disclosing any personal information. Individuals who have unknowingly provided their personal details to the fraudulent websites are advised to contact the Police promptly to report the incident and seek further guidance.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding HKeToll, the public can contact the dedicated helpline at 3853 7333. The Transport Department remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of the public, and they urge everyone to remain vigilant and take appropriate measures to protect themselves against fraudulent activities.