Transport Department holds Personalised Vehicle Registration Marks auction, “168888” plate fetches record-high price of HK$210,000

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3rd December 2023 – (Hong Kong) In an auction that took place today (3rd), the Transport Department held its Personalised Vehicle Registration Marks auction, featuring a total of 240 registration plates. The auction concluded with a combined transaction value of HK$2.495 million. Among the notable sales, the plate “168888,” symbolizing prosperity, fetched a record-high price of HK$210,000, marking the highest transaction of the day.

The Personalised Vehicle Registration Marks auction was held at the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Centre. Of the 182 personalised plates put up for auction, in addition to the aforementioned record-breaking plate, the plate “XXA” was sold for HK$90,000, “1L0VESZ” was sold for HK$56,000, “W1NG8888” was sold for HK$48,000, and “B1GBEAR” was sold for HK$40,000.

Furthermore, an additional 58 plates were allocated to applicants for a special fee of HK$5,000. The buyers of these plates are required to register the plates on vehicles under their names within 12 months from the date of the auction.