Tragic pileup in Wuzhou City claims five lives and leaves 15 injured

Wuzhou City

28th September 2023 – (Wuzhou City) In a devastating incident on Thursday, a pileup involving multiple vehicles on an expressway in Wuzhou City, located in the southern region of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, resulted in the loss of five lives and caused injuries to 15 individuals, according to local authorities.

The accident occurred at approximately 2an on Thursday, shocking the community and prompting an immediate response from emergency services. Rescue teams swiftly arrived at the scene to provide aid and transport the injured to nearby medical facilities for urgent treatment.

Authorities have launched a thorough investigation to determine the cause of this tragic accident. The focus of the inquiry is on understanding the series of events leading up to the pileup and identifying any contributing factors. Experts will examine various aspects, such as road conditions, driver behaviour, and potential technical malfunctions, to piece together a comprehensive picture of the incident.