Tragic loss of 8-year-old girl, Chau Tin-yu, marks one month since passing

Chau Tin-yu

11th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Chau Tin-yu, the 8-year-old girl who fell into a vegetative state due to a medical accident in 2020, sadly succumbed to her condition on 10th March. Yesterday marked the completion of one month since her passing. Tin-yu’s father, Eddie Chau, who revealed the devastating news, shared a bittersweet update regarding her treatment. Despite receiving positive results from a recent follow-up appointment, with all tumour sites previously present in her body now vanished, it was a disheartening realisation for Chau that his beloved daughter was no longer with them.

Chau Tin-yu was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer, in 2018. Unfortunately, she never recovered from a surgery she underwent in 2020 to remove a tumour. The delay of 48 minutes in receiving a crucial blood transfusion during the procedure proved to be a critical factor in her deteriorating condition. Her father, filled with grief, announced her passing, saying, “Our beloved daughter, Chau Tin-yu, passed away at around 3.40pm on 10th March.”

The funeral service for Chau Tin-yu will be held on 20th April, with some minor changes to the previously planned arrangements. Originally scheduled to take place in the small chapel on the 4th floor of the Diamond Hill Funeral Parlour, it has now been relocated to the Loving Hall on the 2nd floor. The public will have the opportunity to pay their respects from 5pmm to 8.30pm, while the formal funeral ceremony will be conducted on the morning of the 21st at 9am. Friends and well-wishers who intend to bid farewell to Tin-yu are advised to take note of these amendments.

Chau Tin-yu’s father emphasised the slight alterations made to the funeral arrangements and expressed his hope that those who wish to attend would be aware of the changes. In the month since Tin-yu’s passing, her father’s emotions have remained relatively stable, surprising his friends, who expressed concerns about hidden depression. However, Chau intentionally keeps himself occupied, ensuring he has activities planned every day, as he fears that stopping for a moment might lead to overwhelming thoughts. He also mentioned the absence of his daughter, with whom he would share mundane aspects of life during their visits. Fortunately, he finds solace in the support of caring citizens who act as a listening ear during this difficult time.

Chau Tin-yu’s father shared that he underwent a full-body PET scan examination towards the end of last month. The recent follow-up appointment revealed highly promising treatment outcomes, with all tumour sites having disappeared, leaving only scars from the surgeries. No signs of cancer cell spread were detected, and his cancer index has returned to a healthy level. This indicates that the disease is now under control.