Tragic industrial accident at Yuen Wo Playground claims the life of a 34-year-old worker, Lee Hoi-wai

Insert picture: 34-year-old Lee Hoi-wai.

23rd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) During late Monday night at Yuen Wo Playground in Sha Tin, a fatal industrial accident resulted in the deaths of two workers and injuries to two others. Among the deceased was 34-year-old Lee Hoi-wai, who had only switched to the drainage sector a little over a year ago. The tragedy has left his family, who reside in Ma On Shan’s Chung On Estate, grappling with profound grief and questioning the safety measures of the drainage service company involved.

Lee’s father, nearing his seventies, expressed his dismay and sorrow over the sudden loss of his son. He revealed that Lee had been inexperienced in this field, having previously worked in a different industry. “Had I known the risks involved with entering manholes, I would never have allowed him to take on such work,” he stated, reflecting on the dangers his son faced.

The grieving father also raised concerns about the lack of safety protocols followed by the company. He criticised the absence of essential equipment such as gas detectors and protective breathing apparatus which could have potentially prevented the tragedy. Despite Lee’s dedication and hard work, even while unwell, his father believes that the experience Lee and his 26-year-old colleague had was insufficient for the tasks they were assigned.

Lee, who was unmarried and led a quiet life, contributed regularly to his household by sharing his earnings with his family. The unexpected accident has not only robbed a family of a loved one but has also sparked a debate on safety standards in industrial operations. The company involved has announced a compensation of HK$500,000 to the family, aiming to provide some relief during this devastating time. However, for Lee’s family, the loss remains irreparable, highlighting the need for stringent safety measures in potentially hazardous work environments.