Tragic Fire in Tai Woi village Tsuen Wan leaves residents devastated as bank notes burnt beyond recognition


27th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A fire broke out at a metal shed in Tai Wo village, Tsuen Wan, at around 7pm yesterday, affecting several nearby metal sheds. The fire was extinguished by firefighters after about three hours, during which nearby residents had to be evacuated. Some of them had to spend the night at the community hall in the area and returned to the scene the next morning, only to find their belongings, important documents and valuable possessions burned to ashes

The affected residents of the metal sheds have incurred substantial losses due to the fire. One couple, withdrew tens of thousands of dollars from the bank to help fund their son’s wedding. Although they were able to recover some of the cash, most of it had been burnt beyond recognition. It remains unclear if they will be able to exchange the damaged banknotes for new ones.

Another resident, a single woman named Cheng, kept her valuables in a metal box. Some of the boxes are missing, and those that were found only had a few thousand dollars in cash. Her nursing licence, her son’s birth certificate, and other important documents were all destroyed in the fire. Some of these documents cannot be replaced, leaving Cheng in a state of despair.