Tragic fall at Indonesian Volcano claims life of Chinese tourist


21st April 2024 – (Jakarta) A 31-year-old Chinese tourist lost her life after falling from a cliff while attempting to take a photograph at the Ijen Volcano on Java Island, Indonesia. The accident occurred early Saturday morning, and was confirmed by local police the following day.

The woman, accompanied by her husband, was part of a guided tour to the volcano to witness the famous “blue flames” and the sunrise from the crater’s edge. According to reports, the guide had cautioned the group about the perilous nature of the spot, known for its popularity on social media. Tragically, her long skirt caught on something, causing her to trip and plummet approximately 75 meters down a ravine around 6 a.m.

Rescue teams, facing challenging terrain, reached her two hours later, but she was pronounced dead at the scene. Her body was retrieved and brought down the mountain by midday. Police have ruled the incident as an accidental death, noting multiple injuries and a fractured left leg on the victim.