Tragic accident leaves two migrants dead and dozens injured in Texas train car


25th March 2023 – (Texas) Two migrants lost their lives and over a dozen others were injured in a tragic accident that occurred in Uvalde County, Texas on Friday. According to reports from ABC News, the migrants were trapped inside a train car when the incident occurred.

The Uvalde Mayor, Don McLaughlin, confirmed that a total of 17 people were trapped inside the container at the time of the accident. While two of the migrants unfortunately lost their lives, five were airlifted to San Antonio for medical attention, and seven others were transported by ambulance. The remaining three migrants were deemed to be in good health, according to the mayor.

The incident has sparked an investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety, which is currently underway at the scene of the accident. Although details regarding the circumstances of the accident remain unclear at this time, authorities are working to piece together what happened and determine any possible factors that may have contributed to the incident.