Traffic accident in Kowloon Bay leaves taxi overturned

Kai Cheung Road

30th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A traffic accident occurred in Kowloon Bay earlier today (30th) at around 3pm. A passenger taxi was travelling along Kai Cheung Road in Kowloon Bay when it approached Wang Kwong Road, heading towards Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre. It is suspected that the taxi driver attempted to avoid a vehicle cutting across the lane, causing the taxi to collide with a curb and overturn to the left. Witnesses at the scene promptly reported the incident and offered assistance.

Rescue personnel swiftly arrived at the scene and used tools to remove the front windshield of the vehicle, rescuing the injured taxi driver and a passenger. Both individuals were conscious, and while the driver received on-site medical treatment and did not require hospitalisation, the injured passenger was transported by ambulance for further medical care. During the accident, the right front wheel of the taxi detached and flew towards the pedestrian walkway. Law enforcement officers have initiated an investigation into the cause and circumstances of the incident.