Toyota extends production halt for models affected by testing irregularities

Toyota Motor Corp.

15th June 2024 – (Tokyo) Toyota Motor Corp. announced on Friday its decision to prolong the production suspension for three vehicle models affected by testing irregularities. The company has chosen to extend the halt beyond the initial deadline of June 28, citing ongoing internal investigations and a probe conducted by the land ministry. The automaker has not yet determined a specific date to resume production but has confirmed that the suspension will persist until at least 31st July. Toyota recently faced scrutiny after it was discovered that the company had manipulated performance tests to acquire government certifications for its vehicles. In response to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s directive to cease shipments of the affected models, Toyota temporarily halted production of these vehicles, including the Yaris Cross, at its factories in Miyagi and Iwate prefectures.

The suspension follows the ministry’s revelation that five major Japanese automakers, including Toyota, Honda Motor, Mazda, Yamaha Motor, and Suzuki Motor, were implicated in fraudulent practices during their mass production certification applications. Transport ministry officials have already conducted on-site inspections at Toyota, Mazda, Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki in response to the misconduct. The extended production halt reflects Toyota’s commitment to address the testing irregularities thoroughly and ensure compliance with industry regulations. The automaker remains focused on resolving the ongoing investigations and implementing necessary measures to prevent future occurrences of such irregularities.