Tourists flee as Yunnan water-splashing festival takes an unpredictable turn with ‘makeup remover’ surprise


14th April 2024 – (Kunming) China’s Yunnan Province is abuzz with the lively celebration of the water-splashing festival, which drew an impressive crowd of 80,000 visitors and locals on its opening day. The atmosphere was vibrant and joyous as participants immersed themselves in the festivities. However, the creativity displayed in the choice of water-splashing props was truly remarkable. From carrying household water towers and large fish tanks to even dousing each other with multiple buckets of “makeup remover,” the festival took an unexpected turn that left female tourists startled.

The annual water-splashing festival, celebrated by the Dai ethnic group in Yunnan, commenced on the 12th of this month, attracting throngs of enthusiastic visitors. Traditional water guns and buckets seemed rather tame compared to the audacious props showcased at the Yunnan Water-Splashing Festival. The event pushed the boundaries of creativity to new heights.

Carrying a hefty bucket of makeup remover on their backs, the sight of which would surely make any woman flee in haste, the locals didn’t hold back in their selection of water-splashing instruments. Silver water towers from rooftops, colossal blue storage tanks, fish-filled clay pots, beer crates, and even firefighting helicopters deployed by the local government—all played their part in this extraordinary celebration. The extent of the revelry at the water-splashing festival left many Chinese netizens in fits of laughter.