Tourists charged nearly HK$500 for taxi ride from Central to Victoria Peak


13th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A group of mainland Chinese tourists recently exposed a taxi driver for charging an exorbitant fee of nearly HK$500 to take them to Victoria Peak during the Lunar New Year holiday. The incident unfolded when a 14-second video clip surfaced online, quickly gaining attention and sparking public outrage.

Victoria Peak, is one of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist destinations and a must-visit spot for travellers. However, this recent incident involving a taxi driver has left visitors questioning the integrity of some service providers. The video clip, recorded near the Central Garden Road  Peak Tram Lower Terminus, captured a group of Mandarin-speaking tourists inquiring about the fare to Victoria Peak. To their astonishment, the taxi driver quoted them HK$480, a price they deemed outrageous and refused to pay. The driver, however, defended himself, saying, “I am not tricking you,” while exhibiting questionable behaviour. One of the female tourists in the group filmed the encounter and openly accused the driver of being a scammer.

Following the circulation of the video on social media platforms such as Facebook, numerous comments criticised the taxi driver for blatantly taking advantage of tourists and tarnishing Hong Kong’s reputation. Some users even suggested that the person who filmed the incident should report it to authorities to combat such fraudulent practices and protect the city’s image. One commentator pointed out that the usual fare for the same journey is around HK$300, making the inflated Lunar New Year price of HK$480 seem unreasonable.

An individual claiming to be a taxi driver echoed the sentiments of the online community, stating that the police are well aware of such dishonest practices but rarely take action against them. Frustrated by the lack of enforcement, the commenter criticised the Hong Kong government for failing to ensure public safety during significant events and accused them of turning a blind eye to such misconduct.