Tourist In Bali Causes Offence With Ripped Jeans


Original article from the NST.

AN AUSTRALIAN tourist in Bali sparked outrage last week when she appeared in public wearing tattered jeans which exposed her underwear and parts of her buttocks and crotch.

The young woman, who strolled down shopping streets and visited souvenir stores, stunned locals who assumed that she was unaware her trousers were ‘damaged’.

According to the Daily Mail, one local man approached the tourist to helpfully ‘inform’ her that her pants were torn in a potentially embarrassing way – and was bemused when told that they were ripped by design.

A 47-second viral video clip of the incident, taken by a passerby, shows the Australian – dressed in said tattered jeans, black lycra underpants and a matching crop top – haggling with a handicrafts shopkeeper seated on the sidewalk. The encounter is awkward, as the shopkeeper’s eyes are level with the woman’s exposed crotch.

The footage then cuts to the woman with a male companion, presumably Australian, as they proceed to what appears to be a restaurant, oblivious to the commotion around them.

The Daily Mail reported that a majority of Balinese commenting on the woman’s attire said that she had been ‘rude’ in dressing so inappropriately.