Total salaries owed to more than 100 employees of Asia Catering (Holding) Limited exceed HK$5m, MPF contributions not made for months


5th July 2022 – (Hong Kong)  A number of restaurants under the Asia Catering (Holding) Limited suddenly closed down recently. The 9 restaurants that suddenly closed down under the group include its 3 brands i.e. Ma La Niang Zi, mee lemongrass, and Kokonoi Sushi Restaurant etc. More than 100 employees were owed wages and MPF contributions for many months and the amount has accumulated to over HK$5 million. The person in charge has also gone missing.

Conway Wong Pit Man, secretary-general of the Eating Establishment Employees General Union (ERB), said on s radio program this morning that the closed restaurants involved 3 brands and 9 restaurants, and more than 100 employees were owed salaries, involving about HK$5 million. He pointed out that the company had not made MPF contributions for its employees many months ago. One of the affected employees, Leung said that he suddenly received a notice from the company at the end of last month, saying that he was not required to go to work.

He said that he was owed a month’s salary and urged the company to return the arrears.

The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA)  confirmed yesterday (4th) that as early as May last year, it had received a complaint from the MPF trustee that the company under the group owed MPF contributions. The authority received 4 more complaints about defaults in MPF ​​contributions by the restaurants under the catering group.