Total of 483 police officers injured during street rallies from June to November, 5,889 protesters arrested


4th December 2019 – (Hong Kong) From June 9 to November 29, a total of 483 police officers, with their ranks ranging from Police Constable to Chief Superintendent of Police, were injured during operations.  Reasons for their injuries include:

(a) Being burnt by petrol bombs hurled by rioters.  A police officer was hit by a petrol bomb while performing duties at Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station and suffered from severe burns to the skin as a result.  Another police officer, after sustaining injuries in an attack, was inflicted with severe skin burns from petrol bombs hurled by rioters; 

(b) Being burnt by corrosive liquid hurled by rioters.  A police officer suffered from severe skin burns caused by corrosive liquid splashed on him when handling an incident of clashes in Tuen Mun; and

(c) Being assaulted or bitten by rioters.  Some police officers were assaulted by a number of protesters during dispersal operations.  A police officer had part of his finger bitten off by a protester when subduing him in Sha Tin.

(d) Being injured by hard objects including bricks, iron bars, wooden sticks and stones, resulting in fractures or various degrees of trauma.  A police officer suffering from facial fracture due to attack on the head has not yet recovered;

(e) Being injured by sharp objects including sharp knives, cutters, arrows and objects sharpened by rioters such as iron rods, bamboo sticks, hiking poles and water pipes, resulting in various degrees of lacerations and stabbing wounds.  A police officer was slashed in the neck by a rioter’s cutter and was needed to undergo urgent surgical treatment.  Another police officer’s calf was shot through by a rioter’s arrow and was needed to undergo surgery to remove the arrow and further treatment;

(f) Being injured by modified weapons including steel beads, glass or other hard objects shot from catapults and slingshots, resulting in various degrees of abrasions and contusions.  A police officer was hit in the mouth by a metal bead.

The Police do not maintain the breakdown statistics requested in the question.  However, the abovementioned unlawful acts have caused police officers facing serious threats to personal safety and even life-threatening situations. Some injured officers are yet to be able to return to work.

Meanwhile, as at November 28, a total of 5,889 persons were arrested by the Police at public order events held since June 9, 2019.  Among them, 921 persons have their judicial proceedings ongoing while 33 persons have their judicial proceedings concluded.  

Among the convicted cases, a person was sentenced to imprisonment of two weeks, four months and eight months respectively upon conviction of “criminal damage”, “assaulting police officer” and “unlawful assembly”.  As part of the sentence is executed concurrently, the total sentence was imprisonment of 10 months.  An under-aged person was sentenced to the rehabilitation centre after being convicted for “possession of offensive weapon in public place” and “possession of offensive weapon with intent”.  The detention period can be between three and nine months.

 Among those who have been charged, 102 are aged under 18 and 362 reported to be students, accounting for 10.9 per cent and 38.6 per cent of the total number of persons charged respectively.

As at November 28, 3 905 persons are on police bail pending further investigation by the Police.  The legal basis and statutory authority for police bail are set out in section 52(3) of the Police Force Ordinance.  Such police bail may be granted to discharge a person on his entering into a recognisance with or without sureties for a reasonable or specified amount, and the arrestee shall subsequently appear at such police station and at such time as is named in the recognisance.