A total of 2,379 protesters arrested since June, 750 of whom are below 16 years old, 83 MTR stations and 42 Light Rail stations damaged


10th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong government held a cross-department media conference this afternoon. The Chief Secretary for Administration, Matthew Cheung Kin-chung expressed that since June till 5am today, police have arrested a total of 2,379 people and 750 of them are below 16 years old. The total number of minors arrested is shocking and he urged parents and teachers to convince younger generation not to participate in illegal assemblies.

Meanwhile, Secretary for Transport and Housing of Hong Kong, Frank Chan said that a total of 400 traffic lights were damaged since June, the number represents 20% of the total number of traffic lights in the city. At least less than 100 traffic lights are still being repaired at the moment. Ray Lau, the Secretary for Home Affairs stated that many government offices in Kowloon City, Sham Shui Po, Sai Kung and Tuen Mun were set on fire and flooded with water. The government offices contained many civilian service departments that are affected which include dental clinics, Maternal and Child Health Centres, special child care centres and Home Affairs Enquiry Centres.

On the issue of damaged train stations, Frank Chan said that a total of 83 MTR stations and 42 Light Rail stations were damaged. A total of 1,200 gates, 1,200 ticketing machines, 900 CCTVs and 40 elevators were damaged. MTR needs to conduct checks at night and many staff are required to carry out repair works only after train service is suspended. Hence, train service needs to end earlier to facilitate repair works.

Matthew Cheung also said that the anti-mask law needs some time for it to be fully optimised by police. The law is used as a deterrent measure and it is not meant to suppress freedom of speech. In addition, he mentioned that there were already 100 eateries which ended their business affecting over 2,000 employees.