Total of 129 civil servants who ignored or refused to fulfil declaration requirement have all left the government


25th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Secretary for the Civil Service, Patrick Nip posted a post on social media today (25th) summarising his work in office. He mentioned that in the past two years, with the implementation of the “Hong Kong National Security Law” and the improvement of the electoral system, civil servants have to take an oath or sign a declaration to support the “Basic Law”, to be loyal to Hong Kong, to perform their duties faithfully and to be accountable to the government. At present, all civil servants have completed the request to sign the declaration, and all 129 civil servants who ignored or refused to sign and return the declaration have left the government.

Individual civil servants who are suspected of violating laws or disciplines will also be dealt with severely in accordance with the civil servants disciplinary mechanism. 89 civil servants were arrested earlier for suspected involvement in anti-amendment illegal activities, of which 54 have left the government, 8 officers have been reprimanded or warned after being investigated by the department, and the cases of 14 officers are still being handled at various stages.

Among them, the remaining 13 personnel did not have sufficient evidence to show disciplinary issues after the department’s investigation. In the past five financial years, a total of 155 people have been dismissed for serious misconduct or convictions for criminal offences subject to formal disciplinary action and punishment. In the past financial year, there were 51 cases of dismissal of civil servants, accounting for one-third of the total in the past five years. In addition, in the past three financial years, a total of 59 probation officers were terminated/denied to pass the probation limit and 45 of these cases occurred in the past two financial years.