Total number of patients seeking emergency treatment reaches 5,960 during peak season of seasonal influenza


3rd December 2019 – (Hong Kong) Demand for service of public hospitals continues to rise in view of the peak season of seasonal influenza during winter. Hospital Authority announced today that the total number of patients seeking emergency treatment reached 5,960 yesterday, 483 more than the day before. The most visited public hospitals were Tuen Mun Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital with 508 and 488 patients respectively. There were a total of 921 patients who were transferred from emergency treatment to hospital wards. At midnight yesterday, total occupancy of hospital beds reached 106%.

10 out of 16 public hospitals reached overcapacity with Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Caritas Medical Centre hitting 124% and 120% respectively.

Meanwhile, occupancy of pediatric wards reached 73% with Queen Elizabeth hospital hitting 94%. At 11.15am today, waiting time at Emergency Department reached 5 hours and 7 hours respectively at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital.