Total number of COVID-19 deaths in Mainland have dropped sharply from the peak of December last year to early January this year


1st February 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Wednesday (1st) that the comprehensive total of COVID-19 infected outpatients with fever, the number of hospitalisations, or the number of deaths of patients in the hospitals, have dropped sharply from the peak of December last year to early January this year. This shows that the epidemic situation has eased. Starting from 8th December, 2022, mass nucleic acid testing has been scrapped and only voluntary testings have been implemented.

Regular nucleic acid testings have been implemented for core groups in certain areas. According to the infection monitoring data, the China CDC said that on 25th December last year, the confirmed infection rate in the Mainland reached a peak of 29.2%, and it had dropped to 2.5% by 30th January this year. As for the overall number of outpatient visits for fever reached a peak of 2.867 million on 23rd December last year, it has continued to decline since then to 164,000 on 30th January this year, a drop of 94.3%.

In terms of the number of hospitalisations, the total in Mainland reached its peak on 5th January this year, with 1.625 million people who required hospitalisation, which dropped to 144,000 on 30th January, and even patients with severe symptoms dropped by 89.3% from the peak. In terms of the number of hospital deaths, the total peaked on 4th January this year, with a total of 4,273 patients passed away. As of 30th January, only 434 patients passed away, a drop of 89.8% compared to the peak period.