Total number of COVID-19 cases linked to Marks & Spencer cluster surges to 9


9th April 2020 – (Hong Kong) Centre for Health Protection reported a total of 25 confirmed COVID-19 cases yesterday adding to the total tally of 961 in Hong Kong. The total number of COVID-19 cases linked to the Marks & Spencer/CEO NEWAY karaoke has reached 9. 3 of them work at Marks & Spencer food store at Windsor House in Causeway Bay. Another 17 employees were sent to quarantine centre for 14 days. The group has also triggered second-generation cases involving the parents of a male employee at M&S.

Centre for Health Protection expressed that they will not trace the customers of M&S but urged the public to wash their hands after shopping.

944th case, a 37-year-old male employee who works at M&S Food store at Windsor House, Causeway Bay did not attend the gathering at CEO NEWAY. However, he is the colleague of 903th and 925th patients but they were not close to each other. They did not have meals together and 944th patient never removed his mask while talking to them. It is suspected that he was infected from the shared common facilities i.e. staff changing room.