Total fixed remuneration budget for entry-level employees at HSBC is expected to increase about 3% in 2023


30th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) With the return to normal after the COVID-19 epidemic, many companies look forward to economic recovery and increase their workforce to retain talents. It is reported that HSBC and Hang Seng Bank (00011) are reviewing the overall remuneration budget for 2023. The fixed remuneration of senior management is not expected to change much, but there will be good news for entry-level employees (levels 6 to 8). The total fixed remuneration budget is expected to increase about 3%. In response to inquiries, a spokesperson for HSBC stated that the bank’s remuneration policy has always been aimed at attracting, motivating and retaining talents, and will formulate a competitive remuneration plan based on factors such as business performance and employee performance, and with reference to market remuneration levels.