Total daily COVID-19 cases reach a peak of 6,445, AsiaWorld-Expo to be reopened next week as CIF


19th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) Dr. Albert Au from the Centre for Health Protection said at the daily 4.30pm media conference today that there were 185 imported cases and 6,260 local COVID-19 cases today of which 2,167 cases were detected during nucleic acid testing while 4,093 cases were recorded via rapid antigen tests and subsequently verified.  Total COVID-19 cases reported today reached 6,445.

Among the 185 imported cases, 73 cases were found at the airport while 36 cases were found at designated quarantine hotels and community isolation facilities between 1st day and 3rd day after arrival. 55 cases were identified between 4th day and 7th day after arrival while 21 cases were identified in the community after 7 days of arrival. 25 cases arrived the U.K., 19 cases arrived from India ,16 cases arrived from the U.S., 14 cases arrived from the Philippines, 14 cases arrived from Thailand, 11 cases arrived from South Korea etc.

26 residents and 7 employees tested positive for COVID-19 at 10 residential care homes for elderly while 2 residents tested positive at 3 residential care homes for the handicapped today.

69 cases were recorded at 47 schools today involving 54 students and 15 teaching staff. 3 schools have been requested to suspend classes for one week due to COVID-19 cases detected.

In addition, Dr. Lau Ka-hin from the Hospital Authority said that 8 more deaths were reported today involving 7 men and 1 woman aged 61-93. Only 1 of them had completed 3 doses of vaccination. 4 of them were not vaccinated at all. All of them had chronic illnesses. So far, Hong Kong has recorded a total of 9,384 COVID-19-related death cases.

Dr. Lau added that around 1,898 patients were still being hospitalised. 6 new patients are in critical condition while 6 new patients are in serious condition. 36 of them in critical condition, 25 of them are in serious condition and 10 of the existing patients are being treated in ICU.

237 patients are still being hospitalised while 206 patients have been discharged. 6 new cases were detected during admission screening. 6 patients in the same ward have been listed as close contacts.

Meanwhile, another 86 employees under Hospital Authority have tested positive for COVID-19. 33 newly recovered employees have returned to work.

Total COVID-19 patients being hospitalised have reached over 2,000 as of now. In response, Dr. Lau said that AsiaWorld-Expo will be reopened again next week as a community isolation facility to cope with the increase in cases and around 200 bed will be allocated for COVID-19 patients.