Total betting amount in latest Mark Six Summer Snowball draw tonight exceeds HK$100 as of 6.45pm


9th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) The latest Mark Six Summer Snowball draw will be held later at 9.30pm with a snowball prize of HK$38 million and the Estimated First Division Prize will reach HK$50 million.

As of about 6.45pm in the evening, the betting amount had exceeded HK$100 million. The cut-off time for betting is 9.15 pm.

According to the statistics of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Summer Snowball draw have been held 19 times since its launch. The number “10” was the most frequent, with a total of 7 times while “3” and “47” have been drawn 6 times. “6” and “41” have also appeared 5 times respectively.