Top French bakery chef, Gontran Cherrier to open his Hong Kong Flagship Store at K11 Musea Mall in September


23rd August 2019 – (Hong Kong) One of France’s most famous bakery chefs, Gontran Cherrier will open his Hong Kong Flagship Store located at K11 Musea Mall in Mid of September 2019.

Gontran discovered the art of baking at the family store, firstly in Normandy, his place of birth, then in the Paris region. He watched the careful techniques, breathed in the aromas and learned everything about traditional expertise, passed on from father to son. He is a 4th generation baker.

Gontran Cherrier. Picture from FACEBOOK.

Gontran joined the Ferrandi culinary school in Paris and earned a diploma in baking at Grands Moulins de Paris. This thorough training, traditional expertise and his passion for bread and pastries opened the doors of gourmet establishments (L’Arpège with Alain Passard and Lucas Carton with Alain Senderens). An important experience which inspired hime to create desserts made with ingredients used by chefs in the kitchen, and which convinced him that bread is a gourmet and subtle accompaniment which belongs in any meal.